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Our Process
Water Gathered at Sea.

We start with cold, pure Atlantic Ocean water drawn from the Gulf of Maine, a body of water known for its extreme tides and incredible bio-diversity. It is filtered, and delivered to the evaporation houses where it is ultimately reduced to crystals using the passive energy of the sun. The Gulf of Maine not only provides for Maine Salt Farm, it is also home to many modern day, sustainable food producers that we're lucky to have in our local community. From oysters to mussels, scallops to kelp, and lobsters to halibut, we like to think there is no place better to taste the ocean than Maine.

Worked by the Sun.

From late spring to early autumn -  when the sun is warmest - the ocean water in the evaporation houses heats rapidly. Following an ancient French method, the water is evaporated in stages, resulting in a beautiful finishing salt that retains trace minerals from the wild Atlantic Ocean. The process can take a month, beginning to end, but the final product boasts a unique flavor and a delicate crystal that changes depending on the weather and season when it was made.

Prepared for You.

Packing pure sea salt isn't as straight forward as you might think. Once the sun has done the work of the bulk evaporation, we follow a time-tested method to leave behind unwanted minerals and most of the moisture. It’s a bit of science and a bit of art! We then grade the salt for size, crystal shape, and purity before packing it for you. Pure sea salt has essentially an infinite shelf life - but it will breath with the seasons. Because it has no anti-caking agents, give it a shake before using!   

“Salt is born of the purest parents: the sun and the sea.” - Pythagoras