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"The biggest need for many locals right now is money."
This will help pay bills, cover medical costs, and prevent property foreclosures. One big and scary reality is that predatory realtors and developers are attempting to acquire land out from under those affected by the fires, displacing locals from their homes permanently.

Meet the people and

families 🙏.

Though there are a lot of families, please don't feel overwhelmed. Helping in is much like adoption, just choosing one family to receive a your support will make an immediate and meaningful impact.

Mark and LiAnne, Lahaina Fire Devastation 8-8-23

Mark, his wife LiAnne, and their two boys Emmett (6 yrs) and Finn (3 yrs) lost everything in the Lahaina fire on August 8th. It was a very traumatic experience and we are lucky they survived.

Help the Hopkins Family recover from Lahaina fire

We're helping raise funds for Caleb and Amy Hopkins and their two beautiful children Nai’a and Makai. 

For Lydia Lintermans Recovery From Maui Fire

Help for Lydia Lintermans who lost everything in the Lahaina fire. She almost lost her life but was able to get on a dingy and make it out of the harbor safely.

Rosana & Paulo

While Rosana and Paulo don’t want financial assistance, they need it, and we’re asking for them. They lost all of their possessions.

Fundraiser for Jon Ramelb

A long-time Lahaina resident and musician. Unfortunately, in the recent Maui wildfires, Jon lost almost all of his personal belongings, his car, and his Lahaina home.

Help Cameron and Ali Bodick

They lost everything in this fire! Right now they are able to stay with some friends so they do have a roof over their heads. They pretty much just have the shirts on their back.

Lahaina Fire Relief for Sophie and Emery

Emery and Sophie were sadly impacted by the recent Lahaina wildfires with the loss of their home and belongings.

Help the David Family Rebuild after Fire Loss

Fundraiser for JD David, his wife Nicole, and their daughters Isla (7) and June (4). They have been Maui residents for 20 years, living in the beautiful, and now decimated, town of Lahaina.

Lahaina Fire Relief for Lyndsey, Jon, and 2 boys

 Lyndsey Miller, Jon Wheeler and their 2 boys lost everything to the Lahaina fires.

Rebuilding from the ashes and starting a new…

Help Chivi and baby Ace with anything you can to rebuild their lives after the tragic Lahaina fires. Like many they lost everything and have nothing. 

The Moala Ohana

Born and raised in Lahaina, Lani Moala and her family lost everything in the recent fires. The fire consumed the home she grew up in, and where her children were raising the next generation of Moalas.

The Williams Family

 The Williams family has lost not just property, but also their livelihood. Everything raised will go directly to the family.

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Thanks to you all.

Support friends and families in need.

Far away but connected by water. Our good friend and long time surfing partner, Matt Dawes (seen in the video here), moved to Maui from Maine more than a decade ago to live in warmth by the ocean, to surf, and raise a family. He has been a neighbor of the Lahaina community and many of his friends have been directly impacted by the wildfires. Below is a list of families close to his heart that we're hoping to help.

Helping Maui.

Thanks from all of us here at Maine Salt Farm.
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