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Our Commitment.

At Maine Salt Farm, we produce and source high quality, sustainable Maine sea salt, but we don't stop there. We proudly embrace a coast-wide generational shift in best practices in order to preserve a healthy planet, strengthen our communities, and leave a brighter future for our children.

Headed into 2023, we're excited to be a 1% for the Planet to support kelp forest restoration projects around the globe, and to join the 1 % for the Fishermen movement supporting our local fishing community here in Maine.


How it's made.

Founded in 2015, Maine Salt Farm produces, sources, and distributes hand-crafted pure solar-evaporated Maine sea salt.  Our finishing salt starts as cold, clear water drawn off the coast of Maine, filtered, and then solar dried. No anti-caking agents. No iodine. Using only the sun, this ancient process yields a finishing salt with a pure and wild merroir.

Ocean water & sun. That's it.

Salt from the bold coast of Maine! Delicately evaporated over the course of days, our finishing salt is rich with trace elements from the ocean that give it a pure and wild merroir. Hand harvested, and meticulously grated for quality and consistency,

For e-commerce orders we're pleased to be collaborating with Onggi Ferments & Foods to bring salt directly to your kitchen.


The Finishing Jar.

Our 3oz jar is perfect for the finishing salt enthusiast and is the Maine Salt Farm signature product. Store in your cabinets and refill your pinch dish as needed. The jar seals up nicely to keep your salt fresh, and is happily refilled by our 1 lb. bulk bag. 

The Luncheon Tin.

Picnics? Check. Last minute dinner parties? Check. Find it in your pants pocket and unexpectedly save a bland lunch party with the in-laws? Check, check, and check. .5oz of portable, ocean seasoning. Also makes a great gift and the tin is customizable.

The Pantry Bag.

Our 1lb bag is tailor-made for the sea salt aficionado. You're baking with it, you're finishing with it, heck, you're even topping your homemade cookies with it. Buying in bulk saves you $$$ and helps us reduce packaging. Keep a bag on-hand for easy refills!

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