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About Us

Sea. Sun. Salt.

Maine Salt Farm has been producing hand-crafted, high quality, solar-evaporated Maine sea salt since 2015.  Our finishing salt starts as cold, clear water drawn off the coast of Maine, filtered, then solar dried in evaporation houses. Over the production process, the crystallized salt is hand turned and meticulously graded for grain size and consistency. No added anti-caking agents, no added iodine. Using only the sun, this ancient process yields a finishing salt with a pure and wild meroir.

It all starts with purpose. 

At Maine Salt Farm, we have a lifelong connection to the ocean; we live our lives on it, in it, and around it. The ocean is the ultimate provider and we have great appreciation and respect for all that it gives. We know that the modern day production, packaging, transportation, and storage of food products has an enormous resource footprint and can be taxing on ecosystems and communities. That's why we're committed to growing a sustainable food company that uses as few inputs as possible and is actively involved with the community. 

What Matters to Us

The Environment is a Stakeholder.

The limitations of Earth’s resources have never been more clear than today. We all have a duty to examine the environmental impact of our actions, while striving to be better than we were yesterday.

Our Community Comes First.

Maine has an incredibly deep maritime heritage, and we're humbled to be part of its storied Blue Economy. Our goal isn't to just produce the best salt, we hope to give back to the community by offering enriching educational experiences, supporting workforce development initiatives and helping to address food insecurity in Maine. 

We Value Togetherness.

Let's face it, humans are much better at getting things done when they work together. That's why collaboration is a core tenet of Maine Salt Farm. We're huge fans of working with and learning from others to improve our craft and help grow Maine's sustainable food systems.

Meet the Team

Our company is family owned and run. The partners are Chris and Eliza Rauscher, who once upon a time decided to start making salt in Maine, and Chris and Billie Cary, a creative couple with extensive experience in Blue Economy development and trade. 

Beyond Maine Salt Farm, we're parents, we're surfers, we're skiers, we're chicken owners, we're food lovers, we're students, we’re community members and advocates for the planet, but at the end of the day, we're just passionate Mainers.

Growing together.

Maine Salt Farm is a proud member of the New England Ocean Cluster and is thankful to have the support of its collaborative network.